The Journey Continues...


After the successful broadcast and a nationwide library screening and discussion initiative sponsored by the American Library Association, Soul of a People now moves online to the Web 2.0 framework to engage younger, web-savvy audiences in exploring this part of our national history. Soul of a People, Soul of a Place is an immersive cross-platform gaming experience that will create opportunities for youth to engage with our collective past and discover their own America. Partnering with acclaimed educational game development company Filament (iCivics), Spark Media's Soul of a People, Soul of a Place will build on the rich legacy of the Writers' Project by creating a virtual platform for a modern day version of the kind of literary endeavors undertaken by the FWP.

Participants will enter an online alternate reality, and will be hired in an environment that simulates the 1930's FWP writers' world. Through partnerships with existing networks, such as slam poetry groups, high school-level service organizations, and youth groups that expand learning opportunities beyond the classroom, participants will receive "assignments" from their virtual world editor for creative projects they will carry out in the real world.

Like the Federal writers, participants will engage with one another in a variety of ways, both formally and informally. Yet unlike their predecessors, today's participants will come together through the immediacy of online social networking to provide feedback and mentoring to one another, form "virtual" creative teams and otherwise share experiences, observations and creative endeavors unfettered by geography or other boundaries.

To get more information or to get more involved in Soul of a People, Soul of a Place, please email or call at (202) 463-6154 x139.